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"What Is Your Priority?"

Education * Career * Family * Asset * Lifestyle * Health

Good Day

Every one of us realize that everything becomes meaningless once our health deteriorates. Surely we have seen those who become invalids and waiting to be well again. At that stage everything we once cherish - money, luxurious car, beautiful wife - becomes worthless to us…


Do you know that every single minute our body becomes weaker when fighting against diseases? Our body is susceptible to various kinds of bacteria, viruses and pathogens around us whether in the air, food or drinks that we take. And unfortunately we often lose in the fight against diseases.

As we aged, our antibody becomes weaker due to pollution, air-conditioning, emotional stress, unhealthy diet, smoking, viruses and so on.

Disease that will come

Metabolism Syndrome

Thoughts & Emotions

High Blood Pressure

Arthritis & Joint Pains





Heart Disease


None of us want to have the illnesses mentioned above. But as time goes we will inevitably become older and weaker. At that stage, we will go through the illnesses which all this while we have managed to avoid.

The most feared

Tuesday, 27 January, 2004

LISBON, Portugal (Reuters) – Portugal's Football Team Leader announced a day of mourning on the death of Miklos Ferer, a Benfica Hungarian player while on field.

The 24 year-old striker, who dropped dead on Sunday during a match against Vitoria Guimaraes was reported to have a heart attack. Feher was the second player to die during a match 7 months after the player Cameroon Marc Vivien Foe died during the Confederations Cup in France June 2003.

Witness his death due to heart attack.

Hani Mohsin died
Tuesday, 25 July, 2006

PETALING JAYA: The host of Roda Impian, actor Hani Mohsin died due to heart attack at 9.30 this morning. Mohsin, 41,at the time was at Low Cost Carrier terminal in KLIA, Sepang , waiting for the flight to Alor Setar Kedah with his daughter Hani Karmila, 9 years when he reportedly to have fell after complaining of chest pains.


Hani Karmila later phoned his mother , Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina. Tiara and Datuk Seri Effendi Norwawi later rushed to the terminal. The body of Mohsin was taken to the hospital and will be buried at Tanah Perkuburan Islam Kg Pasir Hulu Kelang.

We are sure you have heard or experienced cases of heart attack or stroke among your family members, neighbors, or acquaintances. Read the statistic below which is taken from The New Straits Times dated 24 April 2007.
Set Bersalin Tropical Herbs
But what worries Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek most is the fact that many victims die within a month with only 10 per cent fully recovering.


"If only I knew I would live this long I would've taken better care of my health" Said Eubie Blake, a famous composer and piano player who still performed at the age of 99, a year before he died.

How To Keep Healthy?

Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water daily
Eat fresh fruits and vegetables
Exercise everyday
Limit your fat and sugar intake
Cut on your rice, bread and white flour intake
Keep to your ideal weight
Eat a lot of fiber
Have a good stress management
Do not Smoke

Now there is an easier way to keep you healthy everyday.
"It is hard to imagine that there is an alternative food which is more natural and healthier compared to colostrums" excerpts from The National Institute of Nutrition Research, USA

The Nutrients available in
Alpha Lipid LifeLine


Vitamin A
Good for your eyes.
Vitamin B12
Increase blood, suitable for pregnant mothers.
Vitamin B6
For the nerve system, stiff hands and legs.
Vitamin B1
Helps enhance the functions of B12 and B6.
Vitamin B2
Helps enhance the functions of B12 and B6.
Vitamin B3
Helps enhance the functions of B12 and B6.
Vitamin C
For your skin health, suitable for those with skin problems.
Vitamin D
For better calcium absorption, without vitamin D the calcium you take will go as waste.
Vitamin E
Essential for the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It restores blood flow, is important for tissue recovery. It ensures normal blood clots and enhances healing as well as reduces scars.


Folic Acid
Helps in the formation of new red blood cells.
Helps to enhance the fuctions of our nerve system and regular heartbeats.
Essential for the body's immunity functions. Lack of iron will result to the body's susceptibility to illnesses.
Helps to stabilize your blood pressure and nerve system.
Reduces osteoporosis effects which start at 35 and especially for women undergoing menapaus. Helps to reduce stress.
Works together with sodium to increase the development of cells and muscles.

Total Immunoglobulin

Also known as mucus antibody, works to prevent bacteria from infecting our organ. Also helps to produce enough protein for our body.
This antibody is produced by cell-B and found in our bones, intestines, lungs and works to activate the production of red blood cells. It helps to neutralize the toxins caused by bacteria in our body.
It functions as peroxide. It protects membrane cells, prevents the growth of harmful cells which lead to diseases, strengthens bones, nerve system and the brain.
It is the highest composition in the antibody. Helps to activate white blood cells to fight against bacteria especially E-coli.
Provides heat, enhances calsium absorption and distribution to the bones.
Igf stimulates skin renewal. Ensures skin's elasticity and fights against fungus, bacteria, virus and pathogen.

Extra Ingredients

Complex Lipid (patented - Unique)
According to research without Lipid Complex, the absorption of colostrums only works up to 20%, the rest of the 80% will be flushed out and vice versa.
Its probiotic nutrients is equivalent to the ones in Yakult.
Enhances the functions of probiotics.

Listen to those who have been using
Alpha Lipid LifeLine
We bring to you 'live' through Video

Cik Nordini
"Cured from stroke"

Ms Nordini got stroke in October, 2006 and was confirmed to be a cripple for the rest of her life. After taking 4 tins of Alpha Lipid, she began to experience some positive recovery and is now able to walk without aid.

Watch at

Cik Norma
Kuala Lumpur
"Paralysed Major Damaged of Main Nerve"

Ms Norma is a Master student from UKM (University Kebangsaan Malaysia) doing Microbiology. Her father was involved in an accident, became disabled and only got a 50/50 chance to live. After using Alpha Lipid for a month he is able to walk and drives his motorbike.

Watch at

En. Mohd Norawi
Kota Bharu,



Mr Mohd Norwawi, was a chronic diabetic patient, after he's been introduced to Alpha Lipid Lifeline, he has recovered even though at first he was skeptical. Now he is active and stronger and fasting doesn't tire him anymore.

Watch at

Mak Cik Jah
Pasir Mas,
"Had experienced knee pains for 20 years"

Mak cik Jah has been experiencing knee pains since 20 years ago. After using Alpha Lipid for 4 days she is able to walk and able to climb the stairs to the weekly meeting place of Alpha Lipid.

Watch at

Puan Moharina
Kuala Lumpur
"Anti-Aging" From Kelantan FM

Puan Moharina has given Alpha Lipid to her grandmother. After a month her grandma's skin became so supple that her family members and friends are surprised to see the difference. Indeed, those taking Alpha Lipid will feel and look young inside out.

Watch at

Puan Zalini
Pasir Mas,

Puan Zalini once introduced Alpha Lipid to a Parkinson patient. At first his trembling became worse but as he kept using it the symptom lessened significantly and he expressed his utmost gratitude to Puan Zalini.

Watch at

Puan Zalini
Pasir Mas,
"Benefits to pregnant women"

At the beginning stage of her 7th child pregnancy, Kak Yah took Alpha Lipid for energy and to lessen her allergy and morning sickness. She was astonished that all the symptoms were gone and she could feel the stark difference when compared to her other pregnancies. Listen to Kak Yah's confession to Puan Zalini when she visited Kak Yah who just gave birth.

Watch at

Kak Ros
Pasir Puteh,
"Got involved in an accident - in a coma for 4 days - became a cripple"

Kak Ros still vividly remembers the tragedy that occurred on 15 Syaaban 1428 (28 August 2007). That evening her son who was fasting asked for RM 5 to buy some food to eat with his friends during the breakfasting time. However, after some time, he still had not returned home.

Her husband went to a shop nearby and on his way he saw an accident and was shocked to see the person lying unconscious was his own son. At the hospital the doctor said his son only got a 50 percent chance to live. He was in a coma for 4 days. Afterwards the doctor confirmed that he would be a cripple for life.

She was thankful that after using Alpha Lipid, her son has totally recovered as if he has never been involved in an accident.

Abdullah Muhamad
Gua Musang,
"Stiff Joints and Skin Problems"

He is 56 and has suffered from stiff joints since 1995. He also experienced a chronic skin problems and itchiness. After taking Alpha Lipid, he is very satisfied with the result as the stiffness lessened and his skin problems gone.

Many of his friends have noticed the difference and they also couldn't wait to try the product.

Puan Hairani Tumpat,

"Asthma and Brain Food"

Puan Hairani had suffered from Asthma since her school days and had been taking medications regularly. After taking Alpha Lipid her asthma is cured.

Puan Hairani also gives Alpha Lipid to her children and finds that their academic performance has improved so significantly. From number 30 her son recently got number 4 in class and he claims that "studying is so much easier now".

En. Hisham
Pasir Mas,

"Brain food"

His friend named Puan Suriani gives Alpha Lipid to her son. One day he came back from school and announced happily that he had gotten number 1 in class. Puan Suriani cried tears of happiness because her eldest had never gotten less than number ten before. What mother isn't ecstatic with her child's excellent achievement.

Puan Suhaila
Kota Tinggi,

"Skin Disease"

Puan Suhaila had suffered from sensitive skin for 20 years and was unable to take or even touch seafood. After taking Alpha Lipid she can now enjoy her favorite seafood especially Tomyam and is no longer sad to see others enjoying it. ~ Visit her own blog at alphalipid-net.blogspot.com

Puan Suriani
Pasir Mas,
"Unable To Conceive"

Puan Suriani was married for 7 years but was still childless. After she and her husband tried Alpha Lipid for 3 to 4 months she became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby in the middle of 2007. Congratulations!

En. Yaakob
Pasir Mas,

En Yaacob has been taking Alpha Lipid as he is health-conscious. One morning, back in his village he was attacked by a swarm of bees. He rushed back home to take a bath when he felt hot all over. He asked his son to take out the sting and managed to pull out quite a lot. Luckily his antibody is so strong that he didn't need to go to the hospital or clinic for treatment. Indeed Alpha Lipid will increase your immunity to fight against illnesses.

If you are still skeptical,
these facts will convince you.

Alpha Lipid Lifeline is produced and packed straight from New Zealand.

Alpha Lipid Lifeline product is acknowledged by New Zealand Government and is awarded the New Zealand Leaf Symbol (given only to the restricted few). The symbol is proudly printed on every Alpha Lipid product.
The Colostrum in Alpha Lipid LifeLine is of grade 10 (The best in the world).
Containing 41% of IgG compared to other products with only 10% - 12% of IgG.
In Taiwan Alpha Lipid has become a must drink at breakfast.
Certified HALAL by N.Z Islamic Processed Food Management.

Every day our health deteriorates due to aging and pollution.

The unhealthy food we consume daily such as junk food contains too much sugar and fat.
The usage of electronics gadgets such as cell phones, microwave and air conditioner has adverse effects on our health.
The lack of vitamins, minerals and antibody in us.
Lack of exercise - some of us do not exercise at all.
Stress at home and at work.

What is the price of you and your family's health?

The price of one can (450g) of Alpha Lipid Lifeline is only RM180. With its varied and invaluable nutrients for you and your family's health, it is the cheapest health food on the market.


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